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TipsterSure, SureBasket, SureBasket, SureApuestas Tipster

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TipsterSure is a Spanish channel dedicated to sports betting that consists of 3 participants.

Who is TipsterSure Tipster?

The first and creator of the group, Pedro alias “Sure”. The second is José and the third is Mati. Pedro got his start in gambling at the age of 14, after suffering an injury in the sport he loves, soccer. After suffering that injury, I was injured for about 5 months, and at that time I took the opportunity to see and learn more about professional soccer. Watching professional soccer games on a daily basis.

Already at the age of 18 was when his life took a complete turn, he had another injury but this time it was more serious, breaking the cruciate ligament in his left knee. He was bedridden for 6 months and then he took the opportunity to use his knowledge of soccer and bet on his favorite teams, his friends helped him by placing the bets he told them to, returning home with a lot of money won.

That’s where his nickname “Sure” came from, when his friends said his forecasts were too sure. Over time, he gained more experience and skills to become what he is today, a professional tipster.
TipsterSure has several social networks where he has a large number of followers, such as his Instagram with 171k followers where he publishes his personal life, his Telegram with 98k subscribers where he shares his bets. His Twitter with 44.6 thousand followers where he publishes sports news and opinions. And finally this tipster has a Twitch account where he has 17k followers.

What kind of bets does TipsterSure publish?

When Pedro started his project to become a tipster and share his bets, he did not do it alone, but got the help and support of two of his friends who are experts in other sports areas. Thus creating the TipsterSure group, dedicated to the analysis and sports forecasting in the best competitions in soccer, NBA, NFL and tennis.
Pedro is dedicated to the forecasting of the best professional soccer leagues and also in competitions such as the Champions and Europa League. José is a specialist in professional soccer, tennis and the NFL. And Mati is the best in NBA betting.

Is TipsterSure a paid Tipster?

According to TipsterSure’ s Telegram channel it does not have a Premium service since December 3, 2020. In a publication, it explains that it will no longer offer a paid service and will become a totally free channel. At the time it did offer a vip group but today it no longer does.

Opinion, Is TipsterSure a reliable Tipster?

TipsterSure has been labeled as a scammer repeatedly through comments on his networks such as Twitter and Instagram. There is even a TipsterTrust article dated December 23, 2020 talking about and demonstrating the lousy service TipsterSure offers as a predictor. Although today TipsterSure no longer offers a Premium service, it does not mean that its work as a tipster on free bets is good.

Nothing is guaranteed. The information accusing him of being a swindler is old. His social networks have no longer been updated for more than a year with the exception of Telegram where he remains active. This leaves a feeling of distrust as Telegram has no say in its bets, compared to Twitter and Instagram. with this link you can visit all their social networks, including their own website.

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