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Jose Bets tennis🎾

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Who is Tipster Jose betting tennis?

JOSE APUESTAS TENIS” a tipster created on May 18, 2021, has a community of more than 75 thousand people and has more than 70 post per day, With a reach per post of 2 thousand people per day on betting content tennis analysis.

This tipster has made several name changes since its inception in 2021, as an important fact, for its beginnings his name was “JOSE APUESTAS MAX STAKE”.

“JOSE BETS TENNIS” has a profile on tipsterpage.comwhich makes clear the payment plans of this tipster, but has no information or updated, only lets us know a little information about the administrator of the channel, which we know that has Spanish nationality, all their analyzes are focused on in Tennis and Soccer On top of that, he has more than 7 years in the world of sports betting.

Information which lets us know important information about this tipster.

In his biography we can find this text:

Juega Responsable sports betting channel:

Access link:

Your “homepage”:

The first positive point it has “Jose betting tennis, as it has become customary in different tipsters that we have analyzed, is that in its description is the following link: Which takes us directly to a page of help for people who are gambling addicts or who can potentially develop this addiction. We will always support that more tipsters of different languages and nationalities should join in to combat this problem that can affect so many people around the world.

What kind of bets does Jose betting tennis publish?

Jose betting tennis focuses only on soccer and tennis betting, as we mentioned before, being these the only 2 sports in which its analysts participate, participating in top level competitions of each of these sports, as they would be:

The Champions League, the Europa League and the Spanish League, La Liga, the German League, the French League, among others… on the soccer side.

And the different international competitions and ATP’s in tennis.

“JOSE APUESTAS TENIS” has the following modalities to give the analysis to its followers:

Pre-match forecasts: These forecasts have the characteristic that they have the highest percentage of success, always with accurate and studied analysis.

LIVE Predictions: This method of forecasting, besides giving winning results, gives us the opportunity to have a greater connection with the administrator, who always talks in the comments with each one of the people of his community and answers each one of the doubts that they comment to him.

In order to stay connected with his community from time to time, he conducts surveys on topics that are requested and points that the administrator wants to reinforce with his community, and after each bet he publishes several audios a day giving encouragement and analysis on all the games to the entire community.

This is a positive point, since most tipsters write all their analysis, “JOSE APUESTAS TENIS” sends audios, thus giving us to really know what the administrator wants to transmit.

In betting, they are often right in their wide range of forecasts.

Is JOSE APUESTAS TENIS a paid Tipster?

Much of the content of “JOSE APUESTAS TENIS” is free on its Telegram channel. It also has a Premium service where it offers a better service

benefits and “Stake” compared to your free channel your plans to be in the Premium channel are monthly payment, plus several challenges, which also have a large amount of profit.

To enter your Premium channel or challenges you have to pay, the positive point that gives us security is that to make the payment is always through the Betfair page , betrebels or you can also pay through your tipsterpage page.

Here are the different plans that are available on its website


“STAKAZO MIERCOLES 15/03/2023” Price: $8.47 “DIF Group STAKAZOS 31/03/2023” Price: $96.55 “GRUPO PREMIUM March 31/03/2023” Price: $21.45

“Stakazos Group March 31/03/2023” Price $128.73

Dates and months may vary greatly depending on when the administrator decides to update their plans.

Opinion, Is “JOSE APUESTAS TENIS” a reliable Tipster?

After a little research, we have searched different SCAM websites and analysis of telegram channel statistics, we have not found any.

It seems as if this tipster has been overlooked in all these years, the last we got was irrelevant data from when this channel was called “JOSE APUESTAS MAX STAKE”.

This could be a negative point, but in comparison this tipster has a lot of positive points, such as the website, even though they have to update it and does not give relevant information, at least it has information that does provide information about this tipster and its administrator.

Also on his telegram channel, he has posted a message of a link to a lookerstudio page.which gives us a summary of all his bets and the earnings of each of the people, in this page, they tell us that this tipster has more than 697 forecasts throughout its history, currently has 460 successes and 225 lost bets, which would be a 66% of successes, having today a current profit of 505,450.33 Euros. Which is very positive for any tipster at the moment.

In my opinion they should add different sports apart from soccer and tennis, since there are different sports where people are also interested in betting and being able to try their luck with the help of the analysts of “JOSE APUESTAS TENIS”.

In conclusion, “JOSE APUESTAS TENIS” can be a great help for those who want to make money with their bets. But you have to study each of his plans and calculate very well what is our capital to enter any of his bets and that there is no problem to lose, and if you can afford it you can participate in any challenge which he promotes.

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