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helloTorete, the tipster who fought against Omar Monteshello

Torete, the tipster who fought against Omar Montes

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Torete, the youtuber and tipster who fought with Omar Montes in the Famma League Main Event. Youtuber Torete and singer Omar Montes fought in the Famma League Main Event on June 2, 2023. Torete, whose real name is Christian Vidal, is a youtuber who has gone from playing Fortnite to trying to teach how to win a million euros.

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Daily Betis a telegram channel created on November 05, 2022, with a little less than 5 months in the world of sports betting. The image of this channel is the famous youtuber Torete, known for his call of duty videos, his business and his recent boxing fights like the ibai evening.

Torete began his YouTube career ten years ago, posting Call of Duty videos. After the success of Fortnite, Torete switched to this video game and quickly accumulated millions of subscribers. Today, he has over one million subscribers on his main channel, Thetoretegg1, and has recently opened another YouTube channel under his first name and first surname, Christian Vidal.

Torete fight in Famma league

In the Famma League Main Event, Torete and Omar Montes faced each other in three two-minute rounds. Torete won the bout by unanimous decision.

After the fight, Torete said he was proud of his victory and was happy to have been able to face such a tough opponent as Omar Montes. Omar Montes, for his part, said he congratulated Torete on his victory and hoped to fight him again in the future.

The fight between Torete and Omar Montes was a hit with the audience and generated a lot of buzz on social networks. The spectators appreciated the quality of the fight and the sportsmanship of the two fighters.

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Apuesta Diaria has achieved around 59 thousand followers, being one of the NEW tipsters with more members in its community, which gives us to understand that during these 5 months has achieved a good streak of successes with a large amount of stake.

The bets of this tipster are focused only on tennis, betting on each of the matches of great importance as the ATP’s that are very fashionable nowadays among the Tipsters of telegram.

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