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Here are all the details, pros and cons about the Tipsterpage platform.

What is Betandeal?

Betandeal describes itself as follows: Affiliate marketing experts who are changing the online gaming industry. We work with all types of traffic sources: SEO, social and applications.

“We are young, bold and passionate about what we do. We are the GameChangers!”

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Affiliation in Betandeal

The promotion of bookmakers can be done through several channels, not only limited to a website. With the rise of social media and content platforms, affiliate marketing has expanded across different mediums, such as Telegram channels. These channels are one-way chats used by professional forecasters to send their analysis of sporting events.

On, users can promote different companies related to online gambling, such as sports betting, poker and casino. The commission offered in betting campaigns is CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), which means that you pay for each action performed, such as a new registered user, deposit and minimum bet. For example, a commission of £25 for each player who deposits £10 and wagers at least £10 at betfair.


PremiumPay is a tool designed specifically for Tipsters using Telegram.

It is an automated payment management system that facilitates the process of purchasing services for the tipster and his client. With PremiumPay, the tipster can set up his manager and send a link to the customer, who will be automatically redirected to the tipster’s private channel upon payment.

In addition, the tipster will be able to monitor the payouts in real time in the control panel. If you need more specific information, please contact us at [email protected].

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