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ML Analysts is a group of tipsters that applies artificial intelligence and statistical models to predict sports results. At less than 2 years of age, these professional engineers created one of the largest communities that today bring the most truth and profitability to the landscape. Its methodology is based on: Statistical analysis and Bets based on insider information. ML Analysts shows a Freemium plan. It offers a free basic service, consisting of 1 or 2 daily forecasts.

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Who is the Tipster ML Analysts?

This case is very special, since ML Analysts seems to be more an organization than a particular Tipster. On their website they don’t talk about people but technology, and on LinkedIn they show more than 10 employees of different nationalities.

This company sends forecasts in various formats, email, whatsapp and also by means of a Telegram channel channel, which has been active since 2019.

His biography shows the following:

Earning money by applying static and Machine Learning methods is possible.

📊 Follow our method and win with us.

⚠️ Only over 18!!!

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Contact: @robertmlanalistas

Their website:

The following are actual messages sent to the channel manager:

Acknowledgements sent to ML Analysts

ML Analysts are certainly some of the most impressive forecasters we have analyzed so far.

What kind of bets does ML Analysts publish?

If we focus on his TelegrAm channel we can divide his forecasts into the following groups:

  1. Statistical analysis: ML Analysts offers the most impressive statistical analysis. We have mostly seen this type of analysis related to goals in soccer matches, corners in soccer matches, service breaks in tennis matches and points in basketball matches.
  2. Insider betting: It is amazing how much information this company handles. Of course their network of contacts must be very extensive, because weekly they share information about critical losses, tennis players’ injuries, financial situations of soccer teams …. Analysis that the bookmakers themselves are not capable of performing.
  3. Simple analysis: This type of analysis is the ordinary analysis performed by forecasters.
  4. Combinations of events: And finally we have identified combinations of the three previous options.

Is ML Analysts a paid Tipster?

ML Analysts shows a Freemium plan. It offers a free basic service, consisting of 1 or 2 daily forecasts. During this last month they have published a free forecast in their channel and we have calculated a hit ratio of 82% in their free bets, that is, about 24 hits.

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In addition to its free plan, ML Análistas offers a premium plan that is distributed on a weekly or monthly basis. Apparently these groups have a waiting list, and we didn’t get into the weekly group until this last week.

In the weekly group they have shared up to three pre-match bets per day and several live bets. We were also included in a challenge from 30 euros to 300 euros totally free of charge. This challenge is not over yet and we are still following your bets.

Finally, they also distribute single bets, in STAKE 10 format. Although we have not been lucky enough to enter any of these bets, they have published the open pools after each one, and the hit ratio is really surprising.

Opinions and reviews of ML Analysts

An example of user reviews from the ML Analyst community.

Do you show statistics of your forecasts?

Este grupo de análistas deportivos usa paginas como Betsfy, Tipterpage o Blogabet, aunque no mantiene su estádisticas actualidas. Aunque esto puede generar desconfianza es entendible, puesto que es un trabajo duplicado que requiere mucho tiempo.

Sin embargo Ml Analistas muestra sus estadisticas de una forma muy original, y es que mantienen un track record de todos sus pronosticos en un canal de telegram que publican casi diariamente:

Is he a reliable forecaster?

ML Analysts is undoubtedly one of the most transparent forecasters we have analyzed. It marks the failure when it is there and at no time have we noticed that they try to hide any information. Their analysis is clear and of a high quality, and their clients are undoubtedly making money.

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We analyze dozens of channels every month and this is one of those that will remain on our list of favorite forecasters.


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