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At, safeguarding the privacy of our users and clients is a top priority. We are committed to adhering to the provisions set forth in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR), Organic Law 3/2018, and other applicable regulations concerning the protection of personal data. This comprehensive privacy policy has been crafted to provide clarity on how we handle user and client data. The following sections outline the key aspects of our privacy policy, addressing the various facets of data collection, processing, security, and user rights.

1. About Us

Under this section, we introduce our company, Viralagency OÜ, and provide our registered address. We outline the circumstances under which individuals are considered clients, emphasizing the seriousness with which we treat their data.

2. Data Collection and Processing

This segment elucidates the types of information we collect, such as identification data, when users contract our services or contact us via email or telephone. We describe the purposes of data processing, including service improvement and statistical analysis. Legal bases for processing data are identified, ranging from consent for user registration to contractual obligations for service provision. Additionally, we detail the use of contact information for sending relevant service-related information, emphasizing the legal basis of legitimate interest.

3. Data Transfer and Third Parties

In this section, we assure users that entities accessing their data, such as CRM and digital development service providers, adhere to high security standards in compliance with data protection regulations. The absence of international data transfers is highlighted, with a caveat regarding potential data sharing if required by applicable law.

4. Data Storage and Security

An overview of our implemented security measures is provided, acknowledging the inherent vulnerabilities of the internet. Users are encouraged to inquire about our web infrastructure and service providers for a more in-depth understanding.

5. Duration of Data Storage

We clarify the duration for which personal data is retained, considering the purpose for collection and potential legal responsibilities. This includes adherence to archival and documentation regulations.

6. Your Rights

This section outlines the rights users have concerning their data, such as confirmation of processing, access, rectification, deletion, portability, and opposition. Users are informed of the avenues for exercising these rights through specified contact methods.

7. Privacy Policy

This segment emphasizes that the privacy policy encompasses data collected during service usage, communication, and website browsing. Users are urged to refrain from accessing services if they disagree with the policy, with a reminder that rights can be exercised as outlined in the policy.

The subsequent development will address the remaining sections, providing a comprehensive understanding of the privacy policy and its various components.

  1. User Rights1.1 AccessExplanation of the right to know personal data being processed by Sports Predictors:Through the exercise of the access right, you have the ability to obtain comprehensive information about the personal data pertaining to you that is undergoing processing by Sports Predictors. This includes details about the purpose behind the processing, the origin of the data, and any potential transfer to third parties.1.2 RectificationDescription of the right to modify inaccurate or incomplete data:The rectification right empowers you to update and correct any inaccuracies or incompleteness in your personal data. To initiate this process, you need to specify the data that requires modification in your request.1.3 CancellationInformation on the right to cancel personal data deemed inadequate or excessive:The cancellation right allows you to request the removal of your personal data if it is considered inadequate or excessive for the intended purpose.1.4 OppositionExplanation of the right to object to data processing for specific purposes:The opposition right grants you the ability to object to the processing of your data, particularly in cases involving activities such as advertising, commercial prospecting, or decisions based solely on automated processing of your personal information.1.5 PortabilityDetails on the right to receive and transmit personal data in a structured format:With the portability right, you can receive your personal data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format. Additionally, you have the option to transmit this data to another data controller, provided it is technically feasible.1.6 Deletion or ForgetfulnessInformation on the right to request prompt deletion of personal data:The right to deletion or forgetfulness allows you to request the removal of your personal data without undue delay.
  2. Privacy Policy Changes2.1 Revision of Privacy PolicyStatement about potential changes in the privacy policy:This section communicates the possibility of changes to the privacy policy over time. Any modifications will be reflected in the “Last Updated” legend, indicating the date of the last revision.2.2 Effective Date of ChangesClarification on the effective date of revised privacy policy:Information about when changes to the privacy policy will become effective. All modifications will be applicable upon posting the revised privacy policy.
  3. Data Collection through Website3.1 Visitor InformationClarification that visiting the website doesn’t automatically provide personal information:Users are assured that merely visiting the website does not automatically result in the provision of personal information.3.2 Use of Cookies3.2.1 Cookie DefinitionBrief explanation of what a cookie is:A cookie is a file downloaded to your computer when accessing certain web pages, enabling the storage and retrieval of information about user browsing habits.3.2.2 Types of Cookies Technical Cookies

Description of cookies allowing access to restricted parts:

Technical cookies facilitate access to restricted sections of the website, or enable content sharing through social networks. Personalization Cookies

Explanation of cookies enabling user-specific predefined characteristics:

Personalization cookies grant users access to the service with predefined characteristics based on criteria such as language or type of browser used.