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The tipster“the professor” is one of the most recognized tipsters and his motto is “Quality before quantity”.

Who is Tipster El Profesor?

The Professor of Betting, as his name implies, is a grandmaster of sports betting, with a massive 147,500 subscribers on his main Telegram channel and 44,000 on his tennis channel. El Profesor’s Instagram is private and we could not find much information about it, we only know that he has 14,700 followers. An interesting fact about El Profesor is that he uses as his profile picture for all his social networks, the picture of Álvaro Antonio García Pérez, known as Álvaro Morte, is a Spanish actor, known mainly for his roles in television series. Especially the series La Casa de Papel, where Álvaro Morte plays the role of El Profesor.

What kind of bets does El Profesor publish?

The Professor has specialized in European soccer and futsal. All his work is published by Telegram, where he has a lot of information about his bets, challenges, pre-match picks, Lives, among others. He considers himself to be the King of Lives, because he gets most of the bets he places on a live game right.

In addition to the analysis and bets made by El Profesor in his channel, he also publishes match results, videos of plays and goals, news, arguments, etc.
Sometimes he also predicts NBA games.

Is the Professor a paid Tipster?

The Professor has several plans to accommodate the client’s needs. First to enter their Premium you must click on a link in their Telegram channel that will take us to a web page, this page will ask us for a code to enter, we give a link that will take us to a Telegram bot where we will ask for a code and with this to enter the page of their Premium.
Its premium services are:

In these it only indicates that it is private content of The Professor.

Opinion, Is The Professor a reliable Tipster?

If you visit his Telegram channel you will be amazed at the amount of free bets he makes, he always keeps his channel updated 24 hours a day. In addition to the good streak of hits that seems unbelievable. But… is this data really true?


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