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Bruxo Tips is a tipster dedicated to sports betting with 4 years of experience.

Who is the Tipster Bruxo Tips?

Bruxo Tips is of Brazilian origin, can be found on Instagram as @bruxo.tipster, and has 8,200 followers. Bruxo Tips also has a totally free channel on Telegram that was created on March 27, 2019 and currently has over 69,000 subscribers.

En ella ofrece las mejores señales y estrategias deportivas. Bruxo Tips tiene una cuenta en la app de Tipsterchat, en ella tiene 51.400 seguidores y un buen rendimiento en sus apuestas.
Un dato interesante sobre este tipster es que su nombre “Bruxo” al traducirlo del brasileño al español, su significado es “Mago”. Podemos decir que Bruxo es el Mago brasileño de las apuestas deportivas.

What kind of bets does Bruxo Tips publish?

Bruxo Tips , with more than 4 years of experience in forecasting, offers you the best bets on European and Brazilian soccer.
Apart from betting on soccer, Bruxo Tips can also give you the best tips on Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) and FIFA on a website called But don’t think that these tips are free, as you will have to pay if you want to enjoy Bruxo Tips for both games.

Is Bruxo Tips a paid Tipster?

Most of the bets that Bruxo Tips publishes on its channel are free. Bruxo Tips does not have a Premium group as such. He monetizes his work as a tipster with referral links from bookmakers. He also sells Premium tips on his Tipsterchat account. He has relatively good statistics, with a 5.59% yield, 58% successrate in all his bets, an average odds of 1.92, an average stake of 2.23 and a profit of 108.57 units.

Opinion, Is Bruxo Tips a reliable Tipster?

Bruxo Tips does not have much information that can be found on the internet. It does not have verified statistics in any known page. And their social networks are devoid of personal information. From what can be appreciated in his Telegram channel is that, unlike other tipsters, Bruxo Tips does not hide or modify the failed bets, he simply marks it with a red “x”. He does not let any unmarked bet with its respective result slip away. If you analyze his channel well, you can see that he has a lot of successful bets, good statistics month after month.

As with his Tipsterchat account which also has good betting numbers. But just as it has a lot of bets it also has a lot of advertising regarding referral links. And it is well known that when a tipster is a professional in what he does, he does not need to be promoting any bookmaker, since he earns his money with effort and work analyzing.
You could say that Bruxo Tips is a good tipster.

There is not much, or rather there is not any kind of evidence that can put Bruxo Tips as another one of the many tipsters selling smoke. It’s just that this tipster lacks verified information and statistics.

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