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Gallito VIP is a sports betting analyst and forecaster originally from Mexico.

Who is the VIP Tipster Gallito?

He is one of the best and most complete tipsters in Mexico with very good analysis and arguments in his bets. Gallito VIP does a lot of analysis alone but he also usually forecasts with a group of professional tipsters to discuss ideas, analysis, among others. Although Gallito VIP does not have so many years of experience, he has earned his place among the most outstanding thanks to his accurate predictions.
Gallito VIP has a following of 25,000 followers on his Instagram account where he posts his analysis, chats with other tipsters, Q&A and sports news to keep his followers informed.

He also has a Telegram channel with approximately 16,600 subscribers where he displays information about his bets and promotes his Premium channel.

What kind of bets does Gallito VIP publish?

As it is well known that soccer is the most popular sport in the world and the most requested for sports betting, it is in this area where Gallito VIP, one of the best tipsters in Mexico, specializes. In addition to having good tips both nationally and internationally, he has a very good relationship with several of the best sports analysts in Mexico.
Gallito VIP has earned his place among the best tipsters in Mexico thanks to his accurate forecasts despite having only a few years of experience. In addition to analyzing a wide variety of soccer competitions such as Liga MX, Champion League, Serie A, LaLiga, Premiere League, among others. He also analyzes and places bets on other sports such as basketball and baseball, but his forte is undoubtedly soccer.

Is Gallito VIP a paid Tipster?

Yes, indeed. All or most tipsters have a Premium account or channel where paying users will be enjoying the best analysis, arguments, forecasts and so on. And Gallito VIP is no exception, he has a Premium where he shows very good forecasts and with a great number of correct picks. Proven by his statistics in the Tipsterchat app, he is the most popular, most profitable, with the most units generated in all of Mexico and with a 75% success rate so far this month. His latest Premium was a ladder challenge consisting of a series of 3 steps (bets) starting with a bank of $500, $1000 or $2000 Mexican pesos (the buyer decides which bank to play with), and then ending the week with $2500, $5000 or $10000 respectively depending on the bank chosen.

Opinion, Is Gallito VIP a reliable Tipster?

Gallito is definitely someone you can trust. His followers confirm this, with very positive comments and eagerly awaiting the next Gallito VIP Premiums. There is a reason why Gallito is one of the best tipsters in Mexico and he once told us that he was temporarily blocked by a betting site due to his good analysis and successes, earning more and more money from bets in a very good streak he had at that time.

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