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Nowadays there are a lot of tipsters who call themselves professionals but few of them really achieve recognition among the crowd. And who we will talk about next is undoubtedly one of the tipsters with more followers in Spain.

Who is the Tipster TipsElVerde?

TipsElVerde is one of the most recognized professional tipsters and followers worldwide. His real name is Ernest, but his full name is unknown. He is a sports analyst and forecaster with just over 6 years of experience. TipsElVerde has many followers on both its Telegram channel and Instagram. On Instagram he has the amount of 100,000 followers, this account is private so we can’t know more about this. And on his Telegram channel, which you must be authorized by the administrator to join, he has a total of 316,000 subscribers. In this channel is where TipsElVerde shows his work as tipster, placing free bets daily and promoting his Premium service.
TipsElVerde’s Telegram channel was created on January 11, 2018 but it was not until May 12 of the same year when it began its work with the following message:

The channel will be run by one of the best forecasters in the country.
They have a number of people who spend 24 hours a day analyzing games.
So let’s turn that channel into a money-making machine! <<
Apparently the channel was sold by someone to the current owner.

What kind of bets does TipsElVerde publish?

Thanks to his performance as an analyst and forecaster, TipsElVerde has specialized in various sports areas, but his main strengths are soccer, basketball and tennis. Placing bets on the best leagues and tournaments worldwide in each sport.
A negative fact about this tipster is that he does not have verified statistics to serve as an audit.

Is TipsElVerde a paid Tipster?

Although TipsElVerde is always publishing the results of his Premium bets and clients supporting his work, there is no information about any paid service this tipster may have. When searching for keywords such as Premium, vip, groups…, a lot of posts with these keywords appear in the search engine of your channel, but no post talks about how to enter the Premium or something similar.

Opinion, Is TipsElVerde a reliable Tipster?

TipsElVerde is undoubtedly one of the channels with more followers in Spain and the world. But what makes a tipster a professional is his work as an analyst and forecaster, not the number of followers. Despite having over 300k subscribers, the views their posts receive is only 2.5% of the total subscribers.

This tipster has also been named as a scammer, copying bets, excessive advertising, not being transparent with his bets both by hiding failed bets or not placing what was failed.
There is a TipsterTrust article detailing all these points about TipsElVerde.

If you are interested in reading it here it is,

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