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Let’s take a look at all the details, pros and cons about the TipsterChat verification platform.

TipsterChat Logo
TipsterChat Logo

What is TipsterChat?

TipsterChat can access statistics or copy the bets of professional tipsters, who are called tipsters.

A sports betting verification platform is a system that is in charge of, through the publication of a Tipster’ s bets on it, checking its veracity, its result and performing the statistics of the race as a predictor of the same.

That is to say, a Tipster places the bets he/she makes, sends them to the users, and the same platform (or the Tipster himself) verifies if the forecast has turned out to be a winner or a loser and then adds the result to his/her global statistics.

Tipsterchat is an online platform that offers services and tools for sports betting. According to the information available on its website, Tipsterchat specializes in providing professional sports forecasting services and connecting users with sports betting experts.

Introduction about TipsterChat

Now that we know what a verification platform is, let’s talk a little bit about the origins of TipserChat.

It was founded in September 2019. This application is driven by Eloi Montes, Álex Lopera and Dani Flores, also with the support of Vicenç Martí, president of Elrow nightclub -located in Castelldefels (Baix Llobregat)-, as mentor and partner. Lopera, president of the company, is one of the co-founders of the payments application Verse. We also highlight that several Tipsters are involved in the TipsterChat board, such as , TipsterApuesta , who we analyze in this post.

Since 2019, TipsterChat has gathered several services of forecasters, both professional and amateur, who every day join its project.

The platform offers a wide variety of services, including expert sports predictions, match and event analysis and betting alerts. Users can also access a forum where they can discuss sports betting and get advice and recommendations from other users.

How TipsterChat works

In this section we will go into the application and how it works. The Explore page is divided into several sections where we find:

  • Most popular tipster in Spain.
  • Tipster with more benefits
  • Soccer Tipster Tips
  • Trends
  • Tipster onFire
  • Top tennis tipster
  • Most popular of the week
  • Tipster with more followers

This is how the tipster’s channel is displayed. In this case we see the tipsterApuesta channel:

▷ TipsterChat Is it a scam? Review - TipsterTrust
Tipster Channel at TipsterChat

Very similar to a Telegam channel and with a very usable interface. So it is very easy to follow the tipsters’ pics. Even being so beautiful and usable, the truth is that most bettors and tipsters prefer the telegram interface itself.

Tipsters working with TipsterChat:

These are all the tipsters currently collaborating with TipsterChat:

  • TennisInsider -Tennis
  • TipsterApuesta -Tennis
  • Riki and Oñate – Squash
  • Mallic Basket – Balloncesto
  • Sergio Martin – Basketball
  • ApuestasSpain – Soccer
  • Winners – Soccer
  • SetApuestas -Tennis
  • Winsoccer – Soccer
  • Adri Garcia – Soccer
  • Japotime – American Football
  • Momiazos – Soccer
  • GallitoVip – Basketball
  • Ferez – Esports
  • Red Card – Soccer
  • BMBasket – Basketball
  • Sambet – Soccer
  • Tamademus – American Football
  • Isabel Pagliari – Soccer
  • Guille Navarro – Soccer
  • Marcelo Bachler – Soccer
  • FC Bettors – Soccer
  • Asic8 – Handball
  • Patottas – American Football
  • Bask3t Lov3rs – Basketball
  • Kinapuestas – Soccer
  • Christian Radok
  • JumperBet
  • TipsBase

TipsterChat’s wallet system

On this platform you will not pay for your predictions with money. Instead, you can load your wallet and you will use this money to buy the tipster’s forecasts that you consider appropriate. Again, the system is very good, but they almost force you to put in more money than you really need.

TipsteChat statistics

This is all the information provided by the application for each Tipster on the platform:

grafica ultimas 10 semenas 1 - Tipster News
  • Number of forecasts
  • Hit %
  • Yield
  • Average share
  • Benefit
  • Medium Stake
  • Profit for the last 10 weeks
  • Favorite bookmakers

Although they are very nice, we have one criticism. We are missing the markets they bet on, number of picks per month, breakdown of picks per stake, time of day, maximum units lost, etc. Information that we do have in platforms such as blogabet. Perhaps the most important of all the above mentioned is the stake management.

The graphs shown are not complete, and the information is insufficient. They show the evolution of profit from the first forecast to the last.

The future evolution of TipsterChat

TipsterChat is a new platform, which as a Overoption is still lacking many details but is progressing to provide more information to the user and show greater transparency.

TipsterChat has the potential to teach, train and provide high quality Tipsters who know how to properly manage their users’ investments. In 2019, the app closed a €1 million funding round to consolidate itself in the market. So they have plenty of resources and if they put their minds to it, we are sure they will bring a lot to the industry.

The most important thing is to provide transparency and a convenient tool to get the tipster out of Telegram. In our opinion, this is very complicated, because each Tipster uses his own system and in the end it is much more efficient in Telegram.

Other interesting information about TipsterChat

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